BD Bacatá, the most ambitious real estate project and the largest skyscraper in Colombia

When complete the BD Bacatá will be 66-stories high and 1.2 million square feet. Development will include office and retail space, apartments and a hotel. The 364-room hotel, located in the tallest tower of the complex will be operated by Eurostars, and feature such amenities as a business center, restaurant, cafeteria, and full-service gym providing hotel guests with above-and-beyond service to ensure their experience will be worth remembering.

Beacon of urban renewal of Downtown Bogotá

BD Bacatá is a large-scale project for thousands of smaller investors located on 19th street and Fifth, in the heart of Bogotá, where tourism, culture, education and shopping are all together, but also where traffic and congestion demand different means of development like vertical growing. BD Bacatá’s shopping mall is 4,465 square meters distributed over three floors. With its 30 spaces of 48 to 300 square meters each, the BD Bacatá shopping mall is expected to secure reputable global brands that want to benefit from the skyscraper’s projected 12,000 visitors per day.

World record in Real Estate Crowdfunding

A way to turn common colombians into investors that are crowdfunding the tallest skyscraper in Colombia. Not only has its position as a great urban renewal project that caught the attention of international investors and media, but its innovative approach to financing real estate through crowdfunding has made it a project that will not be forgotten.

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